Color Line: Davines Mask with Vibrachrom

Long Lasting

Mask with Vibrachrom is the first color line to use technology from the textile world to keep your color lasting longer than ever. 


Even down to the packaging, everything Davines creates is highly biodegradable and sustainable. The Color Packaing is completely compostable using FSC certified paper and Vegetable-based ink.

Shiny and Healthy Hair

The use of Qunioa Proteins and Omega-9's make the hair shiny and soft while packing it full of nutrients so you leave with healthier hair than you came in with.

Davines Products

Essential Haircare


Each Essential Haircare family carries a specific active ingredient cultivate on a Slow Food affiliated farm in Italy. Each ingredient has a name, a face, a story.

More Inside


More Inside products have been chosen to speak to connect with the user. The concept was to create a line that would become tools for expression of inner creativity. 



Oi is a line of products conceived for absolute beauty on all kinds of hair. Infused with roucou oil, Oi is an extraordinarily effective and pleasantly versatile cosmetic treatment. 

Your Hair Assistant


Your Hair Assistant was designed to create the perfect blow-dry, both in the salon and at home. It was born from the encounter between Angelo Seminara, hair stylist of international fame, and the scientific knowledge of Davines Research Laboratories.

Natural Tech


Natural Tech concept features are strongly binded to to its name and express the permanent positive relationship between Nature, Man and his intellectual production, and Technology.



The Alchemic system keeps your natural or colored hair full of vibrancy. Pigmented conditioners are enhanced by preparation shampoos.